Drawer In House Magnetic Grill

Drawer-in-housings are used primarily in vertical chutes for removal of free flowing bulk materials. The drawer in housing designs are offered in simple, inexpensive manually cleaning designs, easy clean, or air or electrically actuated automatically cleaning designs. Food grade finish is available as is any number of tube configurations to optimize the design for your product. The standard tube configuration is staggered so the material must flow around the tubes and tramp metal removal is maximized.

To clean manually clean drawer in housings, simply unlatch and remove the drawer and wipe the tubes with a rag or gloved hand. Easy clean models are cleaned manually, simply by unlatching and pulling a handle. The easy clean model is a good compromise between manually cleaning and automatically cleaning. Auto clean drawer in housings can be cleaned by the push of a button or cycled via a timer that is controlled by the system controller or separate timer relay.

Common uses for drawer in housings are for sugar, plastic pellets, carbon black, shot, and many other free flowing products. Location should be considered when deciding on a cleaning method.

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