Vertical Spiral Conveyor

The motorised spiral conveyor consists of a number of spiral trays which is made of mild steel and a main body attached with vibrating motor which is connected tothe the upper spiral tray body, As the Motor starts, the vibration sets the material in spiral upward motion. The body housing of the motor istotally enclosed design to prevent dusting. The motorised spiral conveyor screen works on standard frequency of 3000 vibration per minute with max. amplitude of 1.5 mm. to 2 mm. depending on the size of the screen. 

Useful to any continuous process industry where vertical elevating of material is required.

Application : 

Motorised spiral conveyors are very useful in plastics, rubber, ceramic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, glass industries. 

Capacity :

Motorised spiral conveyors can be supplied in different capacities depending up on type of the material required to be handled and lift desired.

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