Motor Vibratory Conveyor

The motorised vibratory conveyor consists of a horizontal tray made of mild steel or stainless steel. The horizontal tray is fixed to the frame, The vibrations are provided by two special unbalance motors fixed on either sides of the tray. The complete assembly of tray with motors rest on a set of coil springs so that, no vibrations are transmitted to the stand and ground. As the Motor starts, the vibration sets in motion. Controlling of vibrations gives the controlled flow of the material. The housing of the motor is in totally enclosed design to prevent dusting. The motor operates at 400/440v 3phase A.C. system at 1440 RPM.

Useful to any continuous process industry where conveying of material is required.

Application : 

Motorised vibratory conveyors are very useful in plastics, rubber, ceramic, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, fertilizer, glass industries. Vibratory conveyor can be provided with dust proof cover as required.

Capacity :

Motorised vibrating conveyor can be supplied in different capacities depending up on type of the material required to be handled.
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