Magnetic Grills

Our Super Power Rare Earth Magnetic Grids are useful for removing very fine weakly magnetic impurities from free flowing powder and granular material. Magnetic Grids are assembled from 1” Dia Rods in SS – 304 o SS – 316 Material having super power Magnetic force on the surface. These grids can be made rectangular, Round and Draw out type grids for easy cleaning to suit customer’s application and are available in single or multiple rows, fitted in housing as shown. Rare Earth magnetic grids are used to purify products such as Food, Chemicals and Minerals. These grids are also used in other Industries such as Foundries, Glass, and Plastic etc.

The rods could be given in assembled form Rectangular or Round shape to form grid to suit hopper design. The grid has rare earth magnet rods so designed to arrest even the finest particle going with the product. 

Drawer Magnet :
The Grids can also be given enclosed in housing with number of rows to ensure 100% protection. The drawer design helps in cleaning the grid easily while the system is in operation.

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