Magnetic Chute / Plate

“SAIDEEP” Super Power Rare Earth Magnetic Plates are used to purify Foods, Chemical and Pharmaceutical products like powders, granules. Minerals such as talc, silica and slurried products like ceramic slip and glaze etc.

Ergonomically designed to the height of perfection, these magnetic chutes / plates feature incomparable quality and superior functionality. They are manufactured from premium grade metal to ensure optimum durability.

Construction :

Saideep Magnetic Plates have raised powerful poles. The tramp iron will accumulate in the gap between the poles. The raised poles holds the attracted tramp iron and prevents it from leaving during the flow of material.

Applications :

Rare Earth Magnetic Plates are used to remove weak Magnetic and fine iron contamination. The plates can be given up to 12500 gauss power. They are designed for easy installation in Ducts, Feed Tables, and also for suspension over screens, moving conveyors etc.

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