Coolant Magnetic Separators

The Coolant Magnetic Separators is designed and developed to clean the coolant liquid from very fine ferrous particles which the conventional filters cannot remove. The usages of coolant magnetic separator assures uninterrupted flow of pure coolant liquid which is very much needed for any precision grinding operation. The performance of the machine is improved for the incorporation of the coolant magnetic separator for better surface finish of the jobs.

The contamination of the liquid is also reduced by the usage of coolant magnetic separator, which enhances the life of the machinery. Thus the coolant liquid may be used for longer period. Thus reduces the operational cost of the grinding machine.

Rotation to the machine is provided by one low speed geared motor of standard make operating on 440 volts 3 phase A.C. A new feature has been added to our drum design by providing continuous magnetic polarity across the circumference of the magnetic drum for perfect filtration.


The used coolant in the grinding machine is passed through the filter to remove course sediments and then discharged into the coolant magnetic separator inlet. The coolant drum that has the permanent magnets, rotates at slow speed and in the opposite direction of the liquid flow. The fine iron particles get attracted to the strong magnetic poles present in the separator drum. A brass scrapper is attached at the other end of the machine that helps in scrapping the ferrous particles from the magnetic poles. Iron impurities get collected in the special box provided with the machine.

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