Bowl Feeder

Vibration has been very fascinating subject for man since ancient times. With the advent of new technologies, man has mastered the art of creating and controlling vibrations. In our design of the bowl feeder, the vibrations are created in spiral fashion so that, the components placed on the bowl which is fixed to the vibrating unit start moving round and round. The bowl being custom built for the perticular component, has a peculiar geometry.

As component moves round and round up the track till it gets oriented and comes out in the desired form. This process of orienting is very useful on assembly line and packing operations, as no manual labour is employed for feeding of components. 

Range : 

We manufacture bowl feeder from a small 200mm. diameter bowl to 1000mm. diameter bowl in M.S. or S.S. Each bowl is designed and manufactured according to the need of customer to give proper orientation and trouble free service.

Operating Principle :

The bowl feeder works on D.C. pulsating supply obtained from converting 230V.A.C. single phase by use of rectifier or thyristor circuit. Each unit is supplied with a control panel to supply D.C. power to the vibrator and control the feed rate. As the supply frequency is 50 Hz, the bowl feeder operates at 3000 vibrations per minute at 1.5mm. amplitude (maximun).

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